Who Are You Dorks?


Chris Smith is an Emmy-winning filmmaker, author, owner of the media company, RocketSpots.tv. Chris  dorks out about “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” James Bond movies and a lot of other nerdly things. You can find him at JettJergens.com and follow him on Twitter @jettjergens, and like his page on Facebook.


A former TV critic for a major daily newspaper and humor columnist for a lot of entertainment websites that don’t exist anymore, Sonia Mansfield is a writer who works in marketing. Sonia dorks out about old movies, craft beer, “The Simpsons,” pop culture, puns and baseball. You can read her random ramblings at TheSoniaShow.com, follow her on Twitter @thesoniashow, like her page on Facebook and check out her photos on Instagram. She also co-hosts the podcast “Old Movies, New Beer,” in which she – you guessed it – drinks beer and talks about old movies.