Dorking Out Episode 116: The True Crime Movies Edition

Hey there, dorks. With the recent arrest of the Golden State Killer and the new Netflix documentary series “Evil Genius,” true crime stories have been on my mind. And when I thought, “I want to talk about true crime” I immediately thought of Margo D., because she is a serious true crimer. Not only is Margo super into true crime stories, but she also hosts every podcast in the world, including Book vs. Movie, The Best Neighbors Podcast, Not Fade Away and Fit Bottom Girls.

In this podcast, Margo and I share our five favorite true crime movies. We didn’t want to be criminally negligent, so Margo also picks five true crime TV movies, and I choose five true crime documentaries.

We hope you enjoy our dorky podcast. You can listen to us here, or you can find us on iTunes and Stitcher.

Dorking Out on The Pop Show

Hey there, dorks. This week, Chris and I appear on The Pop Show podcast for Assignment X.

We talk about the new “X-Men” movie, gas station TVs and why there is so much damn good television now.


We also address the rumor that Daniel Craig is not returning for another James Bond movie, which turns into a great discussion about what we want from our James Bond movies, and who are our favorite Bonds. The answers may shock you. #timothydalton

You can find The Pop Show on, or you can listen to it on iTunes.



Dorking Out on Old Movies, New Beer

In preparation for our soon-to-be released podcast, Chris crashes my other podcast, “Old Movies, New Beer,” to drink Allagash White and talk about “Snow White.”

Chris and my husband/co-host David Tracy get into the history of Disney’s first-ever feature-length animated film, which turns into a fun discussion about all things Disney, including our favorite Disney movies, Disney princesses and Disneyland, in general.

It’s really fun, and I think our favorite movies might surprise you. Take a listen, won’t you?