Dorking Out Episode 140: The Three Days in Paradise Edition

Hey there, dorks! Former co-host Chris Smith returns to the podcast to talk about escaping the Camp Fire in Northern California, what you can do to help those affected by the fire and his latest project, a docu-series about Camp Fire titled “Three Days In Paradise.”

Smith shares his harrowing story of outrunning the fire with his sons with what he could fit in his car, and Sonia asks him assy questions because she can’t deal with serious shit. Seriously, though, this is a can’t-miss edition of Dorking Out.

Here’s the video of Smith finding his cat, Kermit, one week after the fire.

Listen to Smith and his wife, Laura, share Kermit’s story on The Takeaway. And below is the video Smith made to help raise funds for those affected by the fire.

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