Dorking Out Episode 24: The Gilmore Girls Visit Westworld Edition

Hey there, dorks. In this week’s episode we review the return of “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix. Sonia was a big fan of the show, and Chris has never watched the show. It’s an interesting conversation to say the least.


Peter Brown, associate editor of Assignment X, stops by to help us sort out our feelings about the season finale of “Westworld.” 

And finally, we try to get into a festive mood and share our favorite holiday movies. 

All of that, plus our favorite headlines of the week.

We hope you enjoy our dorky podcast. You can listen to us here, or you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube.

10 thoughts on “Dorking Out Episode 24: The Gilmore Girls Visit Westworld Edition

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  2. Hi guys, totally agree with your review….I have to admit I did watch Gilmore Girls one summer maybe 7 years ago…binge watched them all. I hated how it ended….a little rediculous I thought. I loved the witty banter and I think that’s why I watched it. I watched the first episode of the new 4 part series about a week ago and I was in pain the whole time. They couldn’t get the groove back. The story line was stupid….all I kept thinking was “why did I like this show”. Thanks for filling me in so I won’t waste my time watching the other 3 episodes. Though I don’t think I would have anyway. Laura your “Pinteresty” comparison was perfect. That’s exactly what it was. Chris your comments comparing it to The Crown (which is a show I LOVE) was very good. Hardship effects all classes, it just comes in different packages. You can relate to the heartache of the characters in The Crown even though they are royalty you feel their pain. The Gilmore girls were not experiencing any sort or real human experience, it was all so melodramatic. Also loved how you nailed them for acting like 30 somethings while they were mocking them at the same time….you guys are great!

    • Rebecca is correct in all this, ESPECIALLY the parts where she agrees with Chris. I also like to play the part of a self-congratulating blowhard on the internet too!

      Okay, just joking.

      But I do think it’s interesting what Rebecca (and Sonia on the show) says about the first iteration of Gilmore and this one. One thing I didn’t get to say is I found this show very close to the rapid, quick, fun verbal play I enjoyed on the West Wing, and most of Aaron Sorkin’s work. But when he tried to recapture that vibe in HBO’s Newsroom, I found it grating to the point of self parody. I wonder if that’s happening here for Amy Sherman-Palladino.

      It’s a sad but not shocking suspicion that CW booted her from her own show, let someone else finish Gilmore Girls original run, and now that she finally has the chance to finish the story the way she wanted, Palladino has lost the grasp she had on her characters (this is where I break out into a cold sweat as a creator…).

      I’m almost tempted to watch the originals just to give Laura something to yell about.

  3. Oh, forgot to add…It’s a Wonderful Life is my favorite Christmas movie too Chris. It has it all. A little Tuttle family secret, after we put up Christmas decorations we watch Christmas Vacation, then it really feels like Christmas is here. Shout out to Chevy Chase and Cousin Eddie and their Christmas family antics. We let our teenage boys watch it for the first time this year and they were dying with laugher. Sonia, I am totally buying The Bishop’s Wife. Thanks for expanding our Christmas viewing pleasures.

  4. Christmas Vacation is one of those holiday movies that everyone seems to love except for me. I saw it once in the theater, and I just never warmed up to it. Maybe I need to give it another shot.

  5. This Question is for chris:
    I know this isn’t about Gilmore Girls, but I’ve listened to past shows & have to ask this: You are The ruler of a vast galactic empire. You are constantly besieged by Very powerful Extra terrestrial threats intent on wiping you from existence. What would be the best form of government for an empire of that scale? please take into account that communication still travels slowly through space and would bring a democracy to a grinding halt

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