Dorking Out Episode 3: The Captain Kirk vs. Jesus Christ Edition

Hey there, dorks! Welcome to episode 3 of “Dorking Out With Chris and Sonia,” a podcast for people who like to dork out about stories and the stories in pop culture that we love – including movies and TV, books and podcasts and pretty much everything else.

This week we are talking about the state of prestige TV plus a review of HBO’s “The Night Of.” In our returning segment, “You’re Dead To Me,” Chris directs his rage at 1997’s “Batman & Robin.”

Plus, we want to know why filmmakers and film studios feel the need to spoil their own movies with trailers that reveal plot details and promotional interviews that give away crucial storylines. Some recent offenders include “Batman V Superman,” “Star Trek Beyond” and the new “Ghostbusters” trailers.

We chat about some of the interesting headlines of the week, including Pixar’s love of sequels and an early script draft of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” that involves Captain Kirk fighting Jesus. Yes, you read that correctly. Jesus Christ.


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We hope you enjoy our dorky podcast. You can listen to it here, or you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, and YouTube.

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