Dorking Out Episode 51: The Mummy Dearest Edition

Hey there, dorks. In this week’s episode, we review the first installment in Universal’s Dark Universe “The Mummy,” starring Tom Cruise.

In our second segment, we’re talking about the whole messy subject of cinematic universes, the latest blockbuster trend that may or may not be fizzling out. Peter Brown from Assignment X joins us to talk about the Dark Universe, counting your movie franchise eggs before they’re hatched, Marvel’s new “Black Panther” trailer, and what the success of “Wonder Woman” means for the DC Universe. 

All of that, plus what we’re dorking out about this week, including the cancelation of “Sense8” and “The Get Down,” and Chris talks about “Billions” on Showtime.

We hope you enjoy our dorky podcast. You can listen to us here, or you can find us on iTunes and Stitcher.

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