Dorking Out Episode X1

And so it begins.

We’re super stoked to be sharing our first episode with you dorks. Well, it’s not really our first episode. It’s officially a test episode, X1, a prequel if you will. Hopefully, this is a prequel we can all enjoy.


In this week’s podcast we do a quick rundown of the top headlines, including “The Americans” two-season renewal and HBO possibly canceling “True Detective.”

We also chat about how can you separate celebrities’ awful (and criminal) behavior from their work, including Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Michael Jackson and more.

Plus, we take on Bond, James Bond. Daniel Craig has made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to come back, so what’s next? We argue over who we want to be the next Bond, and what does recasting the role do to the story.

And finally, in what is sure to be our favorite segment, “What’s The Internet Mad About Now,” we bring in our guest Ben Wedell from the podcast “Geek Wars” to talk discuss the internet outrage surrounding the latest installment of the Captain America comic, in which Cap was revealed to be a Hydra member all along.

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We hope you enjoy our dorky, little podcast. You can listen to it here, or you can find us on iTunes and Stitcher.

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